Automation Engineering

Automation Engineering

Automation engineering is an engineering discipline that focuses on improving the efficiency of various manufacturing and computer processes by automating certain parts of the system. Automation engineers plan and change existing technology so that it needs less human interaction, and they monitor the performance of the changes they make. Sometimes, an automation engineer may design entirely new technology to automate a system. Automation engineers can be traditional engineers who work with physical machines or software engineers who work with programming languages.

Automation Engineering

What We Do ?

The specific duties of an automation engineer vary depending on whether they are working with machines or programming, but the general responsibilities remain the same. Automation engineers work with engineering teams to develop the systems of automation. They have meetings to determine how they want to automate a system and control the process after automation. After these meetings, they lead the implementation of changes or new technology and oversee the quality assurance process. Here are some more specific duties to give you a broader understanding of an automation engineer’s role:

  • Communicate with clients about requirements

  • Research and design automation technology

  • Create and establish a connection between information inputs, controllers and outputs

  • Establish monitoring and quality assurance processes

  • Handle defects or errors in the technology

  • Improve efficiency for human workers or other systems

Our Automation Engineering Services

  • Test Automation Process
  • Framework Design
  • Web Automation
  • API Automation
  • Mobile Automation
  • RPA Automation
  • CI CD Pipelines